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Insurance and liability

We know a big concern of most weddings and corporate events is making sure the alcohol you serve and the people who serve it are professional and most importantly licensed and insured.  That is why we make sure everyone of our bartenders is certified and licensed by the state.  All of our bartenders go through training to make sure we do not over serve or bring any liability to our clients.

At Salmon Celebrations, we prioritize safety and professionalism in every event we serve. While we strive to make your celebrations memorable, it's important to understand the insurance and liabilities associated with our event bartending services. This page outlines key information regarding our insurance coverage and liabilities to ensure a clear understanding for both our clients and ourselves.

  • All of our bartenders are Serv Safe Certified by the state of Montana. 

  • We are not able to provide liquor because we do not have a liquor license 

    • However, we are able to consult you with numbers and transport liquor from the liquor store to the event site. ​

  • Salmon Celebrations is licensed and insured with general liability insurance. 

  • We always recommend that you get event insurance for your party. This ensures that you (the host) and the venue are covered if anything happens. 

    • It is suggested that you include us in that insurance policy to ensure that everyone is covered at the venue. ​

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